Abhishek Bachchan shoots at a location named after his better half!


AbhishekAbhishek Bachchan cannot stop grinning from ear-to-ear.

Reason for his happiness being the fact that he has had the chance to shoot at the same place where his dear wife Aishwarya had shot for `Khakee` 12 years back.

Junior Bachchan, who is currently shooting in Triambkeshwar in Nasik for `All Is Well`came across a point named as Aishwarya point. It was named so, after Ash met with an accident at the same place during the ‘Khakee’ shoot.

The doting husband that Abhi is, took to Facebook to share his sentiments.

He posted:

How life comes a full circle. I was shooting today at this location which is called Aishwarya point!!! Yup you read it correct. This is the same location where 12yrs ago Aishwarya was shooting for Khakee and had an accident where a bus crashed into her. She miraculously survived (thank God!).This is that very spot, hence the name. And today I shot here a car chase with a truck(sic.).

Well, we all know how caring a husband Junior Bachchan is and he certainly has no qualms in professing his love for dear wife time and again.