Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh reveal their fitness secrets


Arjun-RanveerGunday actors were out revealing the secret behind their perfect bodies
Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, along with Hrithik Roshan’s mom Pinky Roshan, were recently spotted sharing their fitness secrets at the biggest Body Power Expo held in Mumbai. Spilling the beans on his fitness, Kapoor said that he used to weigh 140 kilos, when he started out and it took him 4 years to lose about 55 kilos.“Ever since that time I look back and I don’t want to look like that so I am as discipline as possible. I work out as much as possible, without taking breaks. I train about 6 days a week minimum regardless of my shooting schedules even if it’s late at night. As far as diet is concerned, it’s basically protein, chicken mainly, fruits, vegetables, very simple balanced diet,” he said.

Whilst speaking on what health and fitness means to him, Singh said that fitness for him is a lifestyle. “I think till the age of 14 I was little chubby, over weight. But when I started losing out all that baby fat and when I started body building I realized that it does wonders for your self confidence,” he said.

Singh said that he feels amazing when he is in good shape so for him it’s a feel good factor. “It constitutes a large part of self confidence, especially when you are working in visual medium and you are in the so called lime light all the time it helps if you have that inner confidence and that comes from fitness. So for me it’s a choice, it’s a life style choice and I would recommend it to everyone,” Singh added.