Bollywood has nothing to be proud of: Naseeruddin Shah


naseeruddin_shahNaseeruddin Shah believes that the Bollywood film industry has not achieved anything to be proud of.

The `Ishqiya` star told sources that there has always been a scarcity of a good story in Bollywood and the only reason these films are seen is because of Indian dhabas and similar communal viewing spaces all over the world, otherwise the industry has done nothing of note thus far.

The veteran actor also lashed out at Indian directors, saying that the easiest thing in the world is to fool the audience and this is a feat that Bollywood`s film directors are pulling off splendidly.

Out of all the Indian actors, there is merely a handful, including Dilip Kumar, who has done exceptional work in a few films, and Amitabh Bachchan , who has one or two good films in his body of work, that he considers to be superlative at their craft, he said.

Shah added that apart from his mentions, he does not feel that the Indian film industry has accomplished anything that is worth talking about.