I envy stars who did not become famous at a young age: Emma


Emma-WatsonActress Emma Watson says she envies those actresses, who did not become famous at a young age as it allowed them to mature in a better way.

The 23-year-old star, who shot to fame at a young age by starring as Hermione Granger in the `Harry Potter` series, at times feels that she reached stardom quite early, reportedly.

“There are all these actresses who have emerged in the last year or two, and they get to emerge as this complete human being. And I`m so jealous,” Watson said.

However, the young actress, who is currently studying English at Brown University, Rhode Island, said she is trying her best to keep her work separate from her personal life by taking inspiration from something she read about Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor.

“I remember reading this thing that Elizabeth Taylor wrote. She had her first kiss in character, on a movie set. It really struck me. I don`t know how or why, but I had this sense that if I wasn`t really careful, that could be me,” she said.

“That my first kiss could be in somebody else`s clothes. And my experiences could all belong to someone else,” she added,” she added.