Madonna Falls Down Stairs During BRIT Awards Performance!


Madonna-Falls-DownMadonna is in amazing shape for a woman her age, but it looks like she may soon want to invest in a Hoveround stair lift, because steps are clearly becoming an issue.

We kid! It’s true that Madonna took a nasty tumble while performing at the BRIT Awards today, but it looks like it was her backup dancers who were to blame.

Fortunately, the pre-recorded vocals kept right on playing, and Her Magesty made a full recovery.

It was Madonna’s first performance at the BRIT Awards in 20 years, and her big show-closing medley was reportedly hyped throughout the evening.
We think it’s safe to say she won’t be back for another couple decades.

The irony is, just a couple weeks ago, Madonna defied gravity at the Grammys, soaring above the Staples Center like some sort of…flying bullfighter thing.

We’re not quite sure what she was going for, but clearly she pissed gravity off in a big way.

Or maybe it’s just karma for dropping N-bombs all over social media. You never know with Madonna; she’s led a weird life.

In any event, the 56-year-old pop icon is unharmed and doctors say she’ll be up and about and flashing her ass all over creation in no time.