Physics teacher accused of Harrassment


According to Ranjit Mahanti, a journalist of ABI, more than 20 students have made allegations against a Physics teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhandup (W) for misbehaving with girl students. Students had filed complaint against the teacher, but the school management is yet to take any action against him. Many of them have demanded a replacement of Physics teacher, but the school has turned a blind eye towards it. Therefore, students are worried that the teacher might harass them in future too. The school is being run by Indian Navy which is considered to be most disciplined.

“On 9th November, students complained with Principal Pramila Pal against the Physics teacher for inappropriate behaviour. Even though few days have passed, she is yet to take adequate action to safeguard students. The same teacher continues to teach them. Considering the gravity of the complaint, the Principal should have immediately forwarded the matter to police instead of putting students at further risk,” said Ranjit Mahanti.

In a written complaint forwarded to school principal students alleged that the teacher had made them “uncomfortable”. Moreover, he passed indecent comments against them. After receipt of the complaint, Pramila Pal asked students to fill questionnaire to mention about their views about the teacher with students in the classroom. All students admitted that teacher used to pass indecent comments against them.  But particular two girl students accepted that teacher was inappropriate with them in classroom and lobby. Students are not happy with his teaching. They added that he mentally harasses students irrespective of their age and gender. Students complained that he skips several teaching sessions. They added that he threatens them and urged the school management to take necessary action against him.

When AV spoke to Principal Pramila Pal, Kendriya Vidyalaya she said, “Whosoever makes false allegations against us we will file complaint against them. In our institution, students are provided better education and we won’t tolerate anyone passing comments against us. I will definitely take action against those making false allegations. Many students are studying in our school and nobody can tarnish our institution’s reputation. If you have any complaint, please forward it to us and we will look into this matter.”

Ashok Patil, Shiv Sena MLA, Bhandup said, “I will have to first look into this matter and then I can take necessary steps. A probe needs to be done in this regard to ascertain the truth.”

Looking at the rise in abuse to students in school, AV has tried to highlight this issue as an alarm.

Our newspaper has all the required documents, but due to privacy reason it has not been posted here.

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