Purab Kohli urges youth to vote in LS elections


Purab_Kohli-1Actor Purab Kohli, also the ambassador for a campaign that engages the urban youth in governance and voting, Monday said the country`s youth should “actively” participate in understanding the nuances of democracy.

The celebrity-activist campaigns for `Operation Black Dot`, launched at Mumbai University last month. Targeted at college-goers and the youth, it aims at ensuring 100 percent voter registration and educating them about the political system.

“I think its time for young India to come out and be vocal…I don`t mean just by writing about it on social networking platforms. They should take that one crucial step of coming out and voting,” Purab said.

In town to promote his forthcoming film ‘Jal’, the actor conceded that with the April-May elections around the corner, the mood of the masses is dominated by the elections.

“But that is extremely important as well since we are all interested in our country`s future and that is where the youth comes in.

“I would urge them to come out and vote…say what they want…understand governance…know about our leaders,” he said.