Ranveer Singh slams `depression` news; calls it unethical


RanveerAfter rumours of Ranveer Singh suffering from acute depression was painted all over Tinsel town, the actor has come forward to speak about it.
Slamming the piece of news as unethical journalism and completely false, Ranveer has lambasted a daily over circulating the false story. In his tweet and on his Facebook account, he vented out his anger over relating his depression along with the conflict of his rumoured girlfriend Deepika Padukone’s dilemma.

This is what he posted on his Facebook account:

Talk about Monday morning blues. Picked up yesterday’s paper and read this ‘fairy tale’ of my depression about an intensely personal tragedy. Much worse, it was shamelessly aligned with another person’s conflict and both these unrelated stories were made to connect for a sensational effect; deplorable to say the least. Figment of one’s imagination now taken to another level, in which there’s a dramatic twist about a therapist too! Ludicrous! Obviously, the journo didn’t bother to check the veracity of this ‘news’ with me or any one of my representatives- Appallingly unethical! Classic case of utterly IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM. Is there any accountability? Or is the power of the pen now the terror of the pen?