Shailene Woodley was self-conscious about being skinny


Shailene-Woodley`Divergent` star Shailene Woodley felt self-conscious about being skinny.

The 22-year-old actress, who gave a break-out performance playing George Clooney`s daughter in `The Descendants, says she has stopped caring about being thin.

“My whole life I`ve been so self-conscious about being skinny. And just recently I don`t care anymore,” Woodley told.

“All insecurities are projected because of what you think others are saying about you, but they don`t really matter at all. My only real insecurities in high school were having such long legs and thick hair — things I`m so very grateful for now.”

The actress is enjoying growing up but says she is currently single.

“I just haven`t met anyone where I was like, `Wow I could definitely see myself spending a season of my life with you`. I don`t even know if humans are genetically made to be with one person forever.”

Woodley, however, admires Clooney.

“He`s still one of my favorite human beings. The things he talks about in the press, like going to Africa, are about one-thirtieth of the things he does. My mom and George are probably the only two people I`ve ever met who are truly genuine givers.