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20-year-old braveheart dies while volunteering

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In a quiet corner of Srinagar, the cries of Adil Ahmed’ grandmother fill the air. She and her family have been mourning the death of their 20-year-old. Adil Ahmed is one of the many unsung heroes of the Kashmir floods who drowned while distributing water to those marooned in the city.

Remembering the doomed day, his sister recalls how he had refused to listen to his mother and had set off to help those in need.

It has been a month since massive floods hit Jammu and Kashmir killing more than 300 people. However, the wounds are still fresh. Adil a Class X drop out was a plumber by profession. He was the only earning member of his family of seven.

When Adil’s body was recovered, he had 10 bottles of mineral water strapped to his waist. The young boy had taken upon him to distribute the relief he had collected. He was swimming his way to an old woman when his feet got entangled in a wire drowning him.

In spite, of there being water everywhere in Srinagar, there wasn’t a single drop of drinking water available. In such a situation Adil had a simple mission in his mind to make drinking water reach to all those who needed it.

“He promised me he will return. But he did not come back. I am extremely proud of my son,” said Adil’s mother with tears in her eyes. The future of the family is uncertain with Adil gone. But, what is certain is that Adil will always be remembered with pride as he died a Saheed.

Sometimes in life the biggest act of courage is a small one. Like Adil, there were many local volunteers who did all that they could to help the flood victims risking their own lives. These men and women whose deeds did not get noticed are the unsung heroes of the Kashmir floods. These people with their fearless hearts made all the difference.

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