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37-year-old man pays Rs 50,000 for a bride who turns out to be a boy

In an unfortunate incident that occurred in a village of Uttar Pradesh, a 37-year-old man who paid Rs. 50,000 to get married turned out on his wedding day that his ‘bride’ was actually a boy.

Balak Ram, to his disappointment got married only to find out that Hukam Singh, a dance troupe leader who assured him to find him a bride, fooled him by introducing him to a girl, who later turned out to be a boy.

Hukam Singh is said to have introduced Balak Ram, reported to be mentally unsound, to 29-year-old Raj Kumari and the two got married. After a week of their marriage, Balak Ram discovered to his disappointment that Raj Kumari was actually Raj Kumar and was aged 15.

Reports said despite the gender surprise, Balak Ram is happy to pose with a sari-clad Raj Kumar, who, it is said, does not mind wearing the women’s garment occasionally.

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