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6 Common Pregnancy Concerns Decoded

Pregnancy is that one time in your life when your body gears up to face multiple changes.  Not all are going to be pleasing, but if you don’t know what to expect then you may be subjected to unnecessary worry. We suggest you get familiar with some common pregnancy concerns, rather than spend sleepless nights wondering whether what you are going through is normal. Here’s bringing you a list of things that’ll help you decide if you need to call your doc or not.

1. Pain: Women often get worried due to slight sharp stabs of pain in the stomach. If the pain is severe, you should call your doctor, but if it is slight, there is nothing to worry about. Your uterus is growing, and it is applying pressure on the other organs of the body, due to which you experience some pain and discomfort. These are just growing pains.

2. Spotting: Women often get alarmed at the first sign of spotting. Spotting, if not accompanied by pain, is not a cause for panic. It often signals a greater need for rest, and your doctor may suggest bed rest for a few days. It is also not uncommon for a woman to spot during the time she would be expecting herperiod. Although most women don’t get their period during pregnancy, some women experience light bleeding throughout their pregnancy, on the dates they would be expecting their period. Don’t worry too much about spotting that is not accompanied by strong pain, but do make it a point to let your doctor know. Also, bleeding or spotting during the first month is very common. Many women don’t even realise that they are pregnant as they think they have had their period.

3. Iron: Iron levels often fall during pregnancy. Be regular with your iron supplements, and eat foods rich in iron like beans, potatoes with skin, chicken, whole grains, healthy breakfast cereals and lentils. Don’t take iron supplements immediately after spinach, sweet potatoes, wheat or soy products, since these inhibit iron absorption. If you eat chapattis with every meal, you could consider taking your supplement a couple of hours later, along with an orange and a glass of juice. This will ensure maximum iron absorption.

4. Thyroid: Thyroid medication is completely safe during pregnancy. If you have thyroid problems, let your doctor know so she can monitor your levels through your pregnancy.

5. Leg Cramps: You may wake up one morning, stretch, and suddenly experience unbearable pain shooting through a leg. The intense pain lasts for just a minute, but your legs may continue to feel slight pain for the next couple of days. If you have been experiencing leg cramps, here’s an easy exercise to make sure they stay at bay. Stand a couple of feet away from a wall. Place your palms on the wall and lean forward, bending your elbows. Don’t bend your knees. Feel the stretch in your calves. Hold this position to the count of ten and let go. Do this five to ten times a day.

6. Blood Pressure: Many women experience elevated blood pressure at this time. If you have been thinking of investing in a blood pressure machine, now may be a good time to do so. In any case, your doctor should take your blood pressure everytime you pay a visit. If your blood pressure is on the upper limit, around 130/90, cut down on salt before your level goes up. There aren’t many symptoms, although blurry vision is one of them. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience vision problems.

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