Amid so many good wishes that have reached us on the occasion of Afternoon Voice’s 9th Anniversary from who’s who and many avid readers, it was a very overwhelming moment for the entire team. It gave us a feeling that we are not only read but also encouraged by many to keep our kind of journalism alive. We have taken up this as a mission to fight against the odds in the fourth estate and do justice to journalism.

“Especially, this media house has surprised me always by the way help the values of journalism without being supported by any group or entity. This self funded organisation with naive team does a miraculous job. There is not a single day that I miss reading Afternoon Voice and I am a great fan of the publication.”

– Swapnil Joshi, Actor

“Afternoon Voice has an honest team that cover true stories happening around us. Best wishes for AV on its 9th Anniversary. It’s amazing to see AV performing tremendously without any financial support and hope it will continue to perform its best. It’s time AV should expand its wings.”

– Makarand Deshpande, Actor, Playwright and Director

“Being a well wisher and an avid reader of ‘Afternoon Voice’, an exclusive parallel media house of Mumbai, I offer my best wishes to the team for successful nine years of their journey in journalism. The young team has brought new dimensions in the fourth estate; I have seen them evolving from the scratches.

Congratulations! Be proud of your hard work and achievement. I am so happy and delighted to see this media house growing bit by bit and here to stand stall against all the odds.”

Anilkumar Baliram Gaikwad, Joint Managing Director (Engg), MSRDC

“Congratulations to Afternoon Voice! Impact of the stories covered by you reflects on the society. Many are searching for breaking news but AV portrays the issues of the commoner and does micro level reporting. AV team is really doing a good job and publishing quality news every day. I wish you will continue to work in a similar way in the days ahead.”

Chitra Wagh, Nationalist Congress Party leader

“Congratulations to Vaidehi and the AV Team who have done fearless journalism and fearless reporting in these nine years! You always try to bring the truth in the forefront. I have the best wishes for AV and hope you’ll always stand by the truth.”

Abha Singh, Advocate

“Afternoon Voice is focusing on the issues of Mumbai and the welfare of the countrymen and attracting the attention of the administration. AV has become the fourth pillar of the democracy in real sense. We expect you to be the voice of those people who don’t have one.”

Nawab Malik, Nationalist Congress Party spokesperson

“In today’s modern era of Journalism, Afternoon Voice is trying to retain real journalism alive. I really love its balanced approach with independent journalism. Happy 9th Anniversary to the entire team of AV.”

Vidya Chavan, NCP MLC

“Afternoon Voice is very close to my heart. While media houses at large are biased today, AV focuses on current issues with a straight forward approach and not diplomatically. I found AV with a very positive approach and just want you to reach out to more and more people in future.”

Samidha Guru, Marathi actress

“I always have good experiences with Afternoon Voice and I adore the team as they represent true aspect of the stories. I admire that AV does not work under any political influence and that’s the strength of the newspaper. In today’s time, most of the news organizations are becoming the mouthpieces of the government and favouring Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

Abu Azmi, Samajwadi Party leader

“Afternoon Voice is providing authentic news and I admire that. I like that way you every day raise one issue and take opinions of others on the same. AV is indeed close to many hearts for its detailed and authentic reporting that helps to make the administration aware of what’s happening around.”

Dr. Manisha Kayande, Shiv Sena MLC

“We treat all the four pillars of a democracy as the God — Public representatives, Judiciary, Bureaucracy and Media. These are the guardian of our democracy and the parents of the country. While everybody wants to exploit the democracy, Afternoon Voice is the ray of hope. Newspapers like AV carry the grievances of common man being the face of the society.”

– B G Kolse-Patil, Rtd. Bombay High Court judge

“I Congratulate Vaidehi and the team of Afternoon Voice on its 9th Anniversary. Wish you all many more successful years ahead. AV is doing a very good job with its clear, transparent and unbiased reporting and that’s its beauty. You don’t show any tint of the ruling or any political parties and I only wish that you continue progress in the similar manner.”

Ravi Srivastava, Senior AAP leader

“I Like the newspaper. It cover stories straight forwardly without any kind of biasness. You are writing on social things and representing people problems that’s what I like. I like the way you take current topic and covered detail reporting unbiasedly.”

Manisha Rote, Mahila Pradesh Congress General Secretary

“Afternoon Voice is working every day to keep the democracy alive. Hope it will continue doing the same. Politicians and media go hand in hand will only help the country progress.”

Gopal Shetty, BJP MP

“Happy Anniversary Afternoon Voice! AV is a beautiful newspaper and all your stories are very intellectual. I find you thoughts to be very impartial and hope you’ll continue to focus on common man’s problem aggressively.”

Dr. Raju Waghmare, Congress Spokesperson

“The way you cover news especially the political ones and explore all its possible aspect, I admire it a lot. Keep it up and very Happy Birthday Afternoon Voice!”

Madhav Bhandari, BJP spokesperson

“Many good wishes on Afternoon Voice’s 9th Anniversary! You bring out news stories that need attention and present the views of different people being unbiased and impartial. You never misquote and mislead the views given by others. Keep it up and you will one day become the leader in the print media.”

Sanjiv Punalekar, Advocate

“Big Congratulations on Afternoon Voice’s 9th Anniversary. All your contents have unbiased reporting. You are working for a good cause with neutral opinions and people like the stories that you represent.”

Shirish Boralkar, BJP spokesperson