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Aaditya Thackeray demands Central Anti-Plastic Law

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PM Narendra Modi on August 15 urged people to shun single-use plastic and cheered the use of jute and cloth bags to protect the nature. Plastic bags are not safe for the ecosystem, since they are not easy to recycle. They cause severe health hazard for human, animals and the environment. The waste generation in Mumbai had been brought down from 10,000 metric tonnes daily to 7,000 metric tonnes. Yuva Sena chief Aaditya Thackeray demanded a central law banning single-use disposable plastic, as hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address on Independence Day, he acknowledged that a 100 per cent plastic ban was not possible immediately, but could be achieved in five years.

Vidya Chavan, NCP leader told Afternoon Voice“Undoubtedly, this move is right but what is the alternative. Plastic has become basic need as everything is being packed in plastic only. We need some alternative to plastic. Recycling of plastic can be a good idea. Basically, it should be dependent on the micro gram unit of plastic. Despite of the plastic ban still in market, we get low quality plastic which cannot be recycled. And people do buy that plastic and after using it they throw it away in garbage. We can see that everywhere. According to me, the low quality plastic should be banned which cannot be recycled at all and which one can be recycled that can be brought to use. Garbage awareness campaigns should be conducted effectively by the BMC which is not happening even though BJP-Shiv Sena are in power.”

Aaditya Thackeray said that the plastic ban imposed by the state government had started showing effects in terms of reduced quantity of waste generated. But in order to implement it 100 per cent, people need to change their mindset.

“Complete ban on plastic will have a very encouraging influence on the environment. There is a need for a law by the Centre to ban plastic as soon as possible,” Aaditya stated further.

Manisha Kayande  spokesperson of Shiv Sena said, “It has been one and half year to the implementation of plastic ban in Maharashtra. Now in the rural areas, it has been started. We are proud of the fact that we have already started it and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come forth with same agenda when he announced on August 15 and the whole country is follwing it. Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam basically belongs to our party only. So, we have just shown our political will. Earlier, everything was on paper regarding plastic ban but no implementation was there in true sense and no stirct actions were taken during Congress-NCP government. But Aaditya Thackeray being a young leader is very conscious regarding environment and he himself several times goes for beach cleaning activity. Hence, he is in complete support to this move of current government and it is already implemented in Maharashtra and now it has been started in rural areas as well.”

In India, 20 states have already banned the use of plastic and this has led to employment generation for women. Climate change is a big problem today. At times, there is unseasonal rainfall and the temperature of the world, too, is rising. On March 23 last year, the state government had imposed a ban on the manufacture, use, sale, distribution and storage of plastic materials such as one-time-use bags, spoons, plates, PET and PETE bottles, and thermocol items.

Though plastic is banned in several states, including Maharashtra which has become the 17th one with other states and Union Territories so far, in order to prevent litter and help the environment. But, many economic experts point out the negative economic impact. They list out several benefits of plastic bags in various sectors like shopping, logistics and its role generating huge employment.

BJP spokesperson Avadhut Wagh said, “Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam can tell exact details on this matter. So, you must take his comment on this but all I can say is that the implementation measures will be taken as per Prime Minister’s guidance and will.”

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