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AAP’s accusation may harm Modi’s public image

I was watching one of the news channels where Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and his Deputy Ajit Pawar were announcing that consumers’ of Reliance Infrastructure can switch to Tata Power. Immediately, I thought about Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal. He was screaming on Sunday about the nexus between Ambanis and national political parties.

People were screaming from last many years that their electric bills have shot up instantly, when BSES was acquired by Reliance. Residents whose monthly bill was around Rs. 100-150 were getting inflated bill of Rs. 600. While those whose monthly bill was around Rs 300 started receiving bill of Rs 1,200. Unorganised protest was carried out by many individuals but the Democratic Front government has failed to take action against power houses.

Imitating AAP, Sanjay Nirupam, Member of Parliament from North Mumbai, protested outside the Kandivali office of Reliance Power. It’s Kejriwal’s effect.

Arvind Kejriwal started AAP’s national campaign on Sunday from Haryana. His speech as we know was blame game. This time he blamed Congress, BJP and even media that it was sold out to Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani. Particularly he demanded answers from Modi and Rahul on their links with Mukesh Ambani.

Congress, immediately replied with the help of statements issued by CM Chavan and NCP’s Ajit Pawar. This accusation (Rahul and Modi as Mukesh Ambani’s pawn) was not made for the first time. In fact Kejriwal has been repeating these charges ever since he quit the Delhi CM’s post.

Everyone expected that Modi would respond to this charge as he always. However, he remained mum in his Punjab rally and yet we had not heard anything from him. But surprisingly neither Modi nor Rahul responded yet. Other party men from both the national parties also never gave any direct answers and rather blamed Kejriwal of levelling accusations without any proof.

None is denying Kejri’s ‘shoot and scoot’ habit. But his accusations with respect to Mukesh Ambani’s  relations with political parties is very sensible. Congress may avoid it but how can BJP and especially Modi?

Earlier CAG had already pointed out a lot of irregularities in gas production at K-G D6 Basin. Jaipal Reddy’s removal raised a lot of eye-brows then and it was said that because of Ambani’s interest, he was replaced with Moily.

From BJP’s side on CAG report on KG basin, Arun Shourie on record said that he was not allowed to make his speech by his party and instead senior leader Venkaiah Naidu spoke ineffectively.

Congress’s excuse of technicality can be understandable.

Thus people will not matter whether Congress is responding or not. But how can Modi afford to remain silent on it? Every small issue of Congress is criticized by Modi in a harsh tone! Why he didn’t raise the gas pricing and electricity issue?

Kejriwal’s allegations against Mukesh Ambani’s close ties with BJP and Congress has some substance definitely. On the other hand, silence on the part of Narendra Modi would bring serious setback to his poll prospects.

Ordinary people are always against wealthy people. This is a simple social theory. No response would provoke people to polarize along the line of rich and poor.

If Ambani is the case then even middle class people will consider themselves as poor. Thus, Modi’s silence would affirm that he has some ties with Mukesh Ambani that is being hidden.

This impression would make many of his fans standing against him! Despite anarchic attitude, everyone would stand with AAP; because none in this country would want a corporate giant to rule our country indirectly through political parties!

Frankly, even strong critics of AAP party seek the real response from Modi and BJP. If they fail to give a proper answer and clarification, believe me, people will prefer to stand with AAP despite prevalence of thousands of problems in that party than with BJP and Narendra Modi!

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