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‘Activities during Kim Jong Un’s absence were part of chess game’

The Chinese media has come out in praise of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who reappeared after mysterious disappearance from public eye for over a month.

Despite his absence, the nation continued to celebrate “major events” and diplomatic officials continued to be sent across overseas to Europe, Mongolia, the United Nations, Russia and South Korea, the BBC quoted a report in Xinhua News Agency.

Another article of the news agency states that the political and foreign diplomacy activities that took place in the absence of Kim were “a chess game set up by him”.

Kim disappeared from the public eye on September 3 when he attended a concert with his wife and made his first public appearance since then on October 14.

Photos showed him smiling while holding a public cane.

The publishing of photos of the North Korean leader was meant to quell speculations about his health.

It was rumoured that he may be suffering from health problems like gout and diabetes.

Other media reports questioned whether his 27-year-old sister Kim Yo-jong was in charge in his absence.

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