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After love jihad, now rape jihad

Rape-LeadMany girls are worried about their safety after a rape video which went viral in 24 Parganas the border district of West Bengal as reports about “Rape Jihadists” were being published in media. After this incident there is widespread panic among residents of the area. The 3 minutes rape video shows some organized rapists named Shakeel, Shoukat, Ahmed etc, as was audible in the video, with a gang of at least 6 rapists raping a girl constantly begging for mercy. The accused have the Bangladeshi accent while the tone of the victim girl sounds West Bengali. The video features a boy named “Ahmed” while the another rapist Shoukat, the first one to rape her, boasts about his “performance” while others were eagerly awaiting for their turn.

The entire gang rape incident ended within three minutes. Even though the girl was pleading for mercy but accused refused to relent. Her plea only added oil to their collective lust that longed only for 3 minutes. She tried to stop them from recording the gruesome incident but in vain. The victim was also seen cursing one man in particular which people are calling to be her fiancé who betrayed her.

The culprits like Shoukat, Ahmed, Shakeel etc have accent and descent as Bangladeshis. Several Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators have settled in the border districts of West Bengal. According to some unconfirmed versions the girl trusted upon one guy from the reported Rape-Jihadist gang and then she was cheated and was gang-raped and filmed. The victim has not been coming forward to seek justice as it may bring disrepute to her.

Such communally organised crimes have been documented by some social organizations in Maharasthra and Bengal. Tapan Ghosh, a social leader based in Kolkata in his papers and speeches described this phenomenon as Love Jihad. According to him the accused make videos of the crime in order to humiliate people belonging to non-Muslim communities and threaten the girl so that she becomes their permanent sex-slave. Mr. Ghosh has also held victims responsible for the occurrence of such type of crimes. He said, “Why trust a man who hates you everything, your religion, your community, your culture- but ‘loves’ you?” he asked those girls who go blind and trust an untrustworthy man. A booklet published under the name of a Maharashtrian social worker Charudutt Pingaley says in many cases the Marwari girls in Maharashtra have been trapped and then gangraped and filmed and then blackmailed for huge ransom. As a result of this the girl’s family have to undergo severe financial losses.

There are a lot cases in this regard. In many cases the school or college girls have fallen victims where they had trusted their fiances belonging to a special religion which later “shared” her as a communally achieved trophy among his coreligionists. One example was the Raniganj Rape case where a Hindu girl trusted her Muslim boyfriend and went to have a date with him but her boyfriend invited his co-religionist friends to exploit her collectively. In that case however the Police under the influence of Islamist mafia and coal minister of Bengal, Mohammed Sohrab Ali saved the culprits and the girl was the ultimate victim from all sides- lost her chastity, got defamed and denied justice.

Tapan Ghosh is a staunch critic of the Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators who are not tortured in Bangladesh unlike Hindus and actually have no reason to enter India except their aim of demographic imbalance. Mr. Ghosh said that there are more than 6 Crore Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators who are responsible for all sorts of crime in border areas. The Bodo-Bangladeshi Muslim conflict initiated after such a case of rape-jihad. Many of the self-acclaimed secularists are too nosy to accept the facts on Rape-Jihad but the revelations of such incidents only vindicate the stand of those who stand against Rape-Jihad.

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