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After massive search ops, ‘man-eater’ bear shot dead in Premnagar

A man-eater bear was finally shot dead in Premnagar area of Surajpur on Monday after a massive manhunt was launched.

The bear had mauled a forest department official to death on December 22 and a villager on the preceding day. The wild had also killed several domesticated animals in the nearby villages.

Reports say the forest official who was killed by the bear while he was on a manhunt mission for the animal. The action was taken after due permission of the higher authorities.

Kacchiya village of Premnagar had been living under this constant terror since December 22nd. The bear was captured in a video as he attacked the late forest ranger K. P. Singh. Forest department got permission from the headquarters in Raipur for the local police to shoot the bear.

“The bear first killed a man on 21st December, along with 3 larger animals, including a cow and a bull,” said Naveed Shuzauddin, Deputy Forest Official. “It then killed a forest officer by the name of Krishan Pal Singh the very next day. It also killed at least 35 other livestock animals near the village. We had no option but to kill the beast,” he said.

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