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Agitated Air India passengers take on airline staff over flight delay

A group of Air India’s Riyadh-bound passengers had an altercation with the airline’s staff at the airport here after their flight got delayed and failed to take-off at rescheduled time. The agitated passengers, however, were later pacified by the airport staff, an airport source said.

Confirming the developments, an Air India spokesperson said that some passengers were trying to click pictures of the staff last evening and were told not do so as it was against the norms, that led these passengers into an argument with the airline staff.

“Air India flight AI 921 from Mumbai for Riyadh was rescheduled to 5.10 PM. All the 230 passengers who were to board this flight were informed about rescheduled timings much in advance,” the spokesperson said.

However, due to late arrival of the flight from Riyadh and some delay on part of the air traffic control, the departing flight got further delayed and could take off only around 7.45 PM, he said, adding that due to this (further delay) some of the passengers, mainly those who were to fly onwards, got agitated.

“But we took complete care of the delayed passengers and provided food to them as well,” he said.

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