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Andhra Pradesh holds a e-Cabinet Meeting without paper

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is trying hard to keep up with his image of ‘CEO of Andhra Pradesh Inc.’ that he had crafted for himself in his earlier tenure.

The Andhra Pradesh cabinet, which recently completed hundred days in office, became the first in the country to hold an e-cabinet.

What this means for ministers is that they don’t have to cart reams of papers and files, either carrying it themselves or getting an assistant to do it for them.

Using an app, e-Cabinet, ministers would access the entire agenda of the Cabinet meeting in electronic form. They would access data by logging into the app on desktops, laptops and iPads. The ministers would have to use passwords to access data. The features of the app prevent the user from sharing it with anyone.

So all they have to do is use the app to know the agenda. There is safety to the data as it is password-protected unlike in the conventional method where papers could easily be taken away from the member of the Cabinet by anyone.

Mr. Naidu wants to project an e-savvy and environment friendly image for himself and his cabinet colleagues. How many of them will manage to navigate the technology and make good use of it, still remains unanswered.

The first e-cabinet meeting is being held behind closed doors with footage to be made available through government controlled channels.

So it is unlikely, you will get to see if any ministers were struggling to make sense of the e-agenda.

According to sources, e-Cabinet is a self-hosted and self-managed file sharing system which uses FileCloud Tool.

Users connect to e-Cabinet through Secure connection, which has been ramped with additional layer of security.

e-Cabinet’s thirty users can access server functions using their pre-configured iPads.

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