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Anti-depressants, torn-sick notes found during search at house of Germanwings co-pilot

Anti-depressantsAs more details emerge about the co-pilot of the ill-fated Germanwings Airbus A320 plane, informations portray the 28-year-old Andreas Lubitz struggling with his unspecified illness, including psychiatric and deteriorating eyesight problems that he feared might cost him his pilot’s job.

Lubitz, 28, who was in 2009 (according to German newspaper Bild reports) forced to leave his pilot trainings midway because of depressions and anxiety attacks, was alos seeking treatment for eyesight problems, investigators told the New York Times.

Though it has not yet become clear how serious were his eye problems, one of the investigators suspected that the eye trouble may have been related to and caused by his psychological condition, the report added.

During his house search, police found anti-depressants and “torn sick notes” one of them for the day of the crash.

Also, found were medical documents according to which he was going through an illness and receiving proper medication for the same, prosecutors said on Thursday.

However, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr said that he had passed all psychological tests required for training.

Andreas Lubitz, who was co-piloting the Germanwings Airbus, is said to have deliberately crashed the plane by pressing the button that caused the plane to plummet rapidly for eight minutes before it slammed into the French Alps.

According to the recordings retrieved from the CVR (Cockpit voice recorder), the co-pilot, who had locked the cockpit, was calm and breathing till the plane crashed.

Meanwhile, investigators continue to comb the French Alps as they struggle to recover the crash remains. Of 150 on board, half were Germans, 50 Spanish and others were from a dozen different nations.

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