Anushka Sharma breaks her silence on ‘plump pout’


anushka-650Sharma took to Twitter to write, “Helloooooeveryone !! Today I am here to talk about my lips !!Yes !There ! I said it .. My lips ! (sic).”

The girl seemed to have been extremely upset with the way things were blown out of proportion and hence the explanation.
She added, “As a person I find it difficult to talk about my personal life and hence have always maintained a low profile choosing to interact with you all on twitter with my random -mostly illogical thoughts seeming like the only thing I feel ok about ..that`s just who I am .. But in today`s time where PR stories and feeding people with information constantly or making appearances is a fad somewhere people like me get lost in translation or in this case translations !

Lately there has been a LOT of talk about me in this particular episode of KOffee with Karan . Mainly regarding my lips . I am here to just convey what I have to say regarding the same . I am talking about it only because this story has taken a scary direction and things have been `blown out of proportion` ( pun intended 😉 ) …

For a short while now I have been using a temporary lip enhancing tool and that along with make up techniques ( I have learnt over the years) is the reason why there might be a change in the appearance of my lips. Having stated this fact let me very vehemently assure everyone that I have by no means gone `under the knife ` or done any kind of `plastic surgery` or undergone any intrusive procedure . This was my decision and was done for the sake of my look in my upcoming film Bombay velvet,a period drama where I play a jazz singer in the 1960`s – 70`s . And it was taken from the referencing of that time .

The drastic change in my appearance on KWK is due to lot of factors put together and not just my lips . Everyone goes through good and bad days. Did I think I looked good on the KWK episode ?NO . I do feel I could have done things differently .
To put the current conjectures and reportage straight once and for all from my end – I have said this before and am saying it again .. I do not believe in plastic surgery or any other means of unnatural permanent changes to the body . I do not support it or stand for it or recommend it .

Now if someday my legs appear different and sexy to you ! Please don`t say I`ve done `Something` …

Oh ! And also … Some of the `joker` jokes/memes doing the rounds though a bit mean did bring a smile to my lips 😉
Goodnight to all

Love and Light

Anushka (sic).”