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Arrest made in Rs. 1 crore robbery case

Vashi police, examining a dacoity in which an angadia was kidnapped and an entirety of Rs. 1 crore taken from him, have said that they have captured the driving force behind this theft, Fayyad Mohammad Altaf, 43. Altaf, who was captured from Karnataka, they said, had been arranging the wrongdoing throughout the previous two months. Two days back, three policemen were captured concerning the wrongdoing that was directed a week ago. Mohammad Kajia, an angadia (informal messenger), was going in an extravagance transport from Mumbai to Mangalore on Saturday, and was kidnapped by a group that included two sub-assessors and a constable, and plundered of the money he was conveying.

These three policemen, captured by the Vashi police, were appended to the Tromboy police headquarters. The cops additionally asserted that the blamed was the nephew for Kajia, who was in the matter of conveying gold trimmings from Karnataka to Zaveri Bazaar. Altaf, his family companion and neighbor, knew about his routine and that he for the most part conveyed huge measures of money. An officer from Vashi police headquarters, asking for obscurity, said, “Altaf collaborated with his companion Afsar, who ventured out to Mumbai keeping in mind the end goal to incubate an arrangement with his city-based companion, Uday Swami.” The denounced additionally accepted that Kajia would never approach the cops, as ordinarily angadias like to avoid police subsequent to regularly hawala cash is included.

“Uday reserved in his siblings, Lakshman and Kamraj, and police constable JanardharRaje, taking after which Raje persuaded two other police sub-auditors – PankajKhairnar and Nilesh Kumar Sandanshiv – to take an interest in the wrongdoing,” said the officer. The pack had been watching out for the complainant and had tailed him to Mahim, from where he grabbed Rs 1 crore. “Kamraj recognized Kajia, and afterward police authorities requesting that he accompany them to Uran. When they took the cash, they dropped him in the woodland at Uran,” included the officer. Since the captures, CP Ahmad Javed has solicited Additional Commissioner from Police Manoj Lohia (east locale) to lead an investigation into the part of the cops in the wrongdoing.

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