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Should Kejriwal apologise?

Arvind Kejriwal

Mumbaikars criticised Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as coward. According to them, leaders should not make mockery of the PM and must respect him.

They also said that even though Kejriwal and Modi are political rivals he must refrain from making personal comments against him. Netizens said that Kejriwal should maintain the dignity of CM’s post and should not invite controversies. Kejriwal made these remarks against PM after CBI raided his office. Even though opposition parties backed Kejriwal the BJP demanded an unconditional apology from him. The party also alleged that Kejriwal is shielding corrupt officials.

“CBI raids my office,” Kejriwal tweeted.

“When Modi could not handle me politically, he resorts to this cowardice. Modi is a coward and psychopath,” he said in another tweet expressing his anguish over the raids.

BJP spokesperson, Shaina NCNC said, “If CBI raid on Rajender Kumar is raid on Arvind Kejriwal himself then it is pretty clear that to whom the huge amount of money seized really belongs to.”

Sumit Kashyap JhaWhen AV spoke to Sumit Kashyap Jha, a Congress supporter he said, “I personally believe that people holding high offices like MP, CM, PM etc. must be careful with their words and action. They are setting examples for our future generations. They should be careful with heat-of-the-moment responses. Our PM may be a coward or a psychopath but calling it out in public is unjustified and Mr.
Kejriwal should apologise and take his words, tweets back.”

Satyanarayan-KabraSatyanarayan Kabra, an avid reader said, “Calling the PM psychopath is indeed a cowardice act. Personal attacks should be avoided. Not sure if the raids on his offices were fair or not as no PM or CM in office has been raided but Kejriwal needs to apologise to PM Modi for his insane remarks.”

priyabhanshu ranjanPriyabhanshu Ranjan, a journalist said, “I think the use of words in our political dis-course must be dignified. I would like to remind you that Mr. Modi himself has used so many derogatory terms in the past. For Kejriwal he had used “AK-49”, for Sonia, Nitish and Lalu he had used “THREE IDIOTS”…..and there are so many examples. If Mr. Modi apologises for his derogatory remarks then Mr.Kejriwal should also do the same!”

MurarkaSiddharth Murarka, a lawyer said, “Well we have a concept of parliamentary language. If we have a system whereby we allow use of such dirty words then respect for the powerful post will be lost.

In fact the same is defamatory and also Kejriwal should not be made to face proceedings before parliament for abuse of the respected position.”

Reactions on social media
@MehtaManish1, “Why everyone is asking AK to apologise ONLY for ‘coward’? Has everyone accepted that PM is a psychopath?”

@Bhoothnath said, “Apology is expected from people who are sane and civilised. Arvind Kejriwal has time and again proven, both through his acts and talk, that he is one of the most opportunists, unethical and unprincipled politician in India. I don’t expect any apology but a swift, fair and thorough investigation of his cronies scams so that he gets exposed in front of all the people whom he has conned by talking about honesty.”

@ashu3page, “An elected CM must not use such word against an elected PM, but during assembly election we have seen how an elected PM of country used words like “Naxali” “arajak” and “AK49” against Arvind Kejriwal.”

@BJPLucknowBJP, “Yes such words are not good as all know it was a plot by BJP to divert attention from Shakur Basti case. Both PM and CM are holding responsible posts.”

@Rajput_Ramesh, “Narendra Modi is India’s PM and democratically elected by people of India. By calling Namo coward Arvind Kejriwal insulted PM of India. Kejriwal should be ashamed of himself and apologise to PM Narendra Modi and all Indians as well. Kejriwal shouldn’t forget he is a CM not some sadakchap thug.”

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