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Badaun murders: Victims’ parents confess to making false allegations

With the parents of deceased Badaun sisters admitting before the CBI that they levelled false allegations against five persons, arrested earlier; on the basis of what the main witness Baburam alias Nazru claimed, the sensational double murder case is becoming only murkier.

Nazru claimed he saw the two girls and Pappu Yadav have an argument and a fight after which the girls, Pappu and Nazru – all went in different directions. But the girls never returned home.

CBI is now probing why Nazru, an uncle of the girls, concocted the story and asked the parents to say that the girls were taken forcefully from the village at gunpoint by Pappu Yadav and four others. The agency is also investigating the role of the parents and a third person in the murders.

On the basis of admission by parents, Nazru, field investigations, polygraph tests and technical probe, the agency has arrived at the conclusion that the FIR was wrong. “It is now sure that Nazru misled the family about the sequence of events and they believed him. The FIR was filed against five persons for abduction, gangrape and murders but Nazru and parents have now admitted that girls were never abducted,” said a CBI officer.

Earlier, the original complaint to the police had claimed that Pappu, Awadhesh and Urvesh Yadav (brothers) and Constables Chhatrapal Yadav and Sarvesh Yadav forcefully took away the girls at gun point.

During probe by CBI, Pappu Yadav admitted meeting the girls at the outskirts of the Katra Sadatganj village. “He was seen by Nazru, whose house was nearby. The girls were interacting with Pappu Yadav with their consent. Nazru reached there and they had a scuffle. After a while, Pappu Yadav left for his house while Nazru and girls also went in two different directions,” said a senior CBI officer.

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