Balance between love, sex important: Iglesias


Enrique-IglesiasSinger Enrique Iglesias, whose new album is titled “Sex + Love”, says a mix of both things are required for a successful relationship.

The Latino star, who has been in an on-off relationship with tennis player Anna Kournikova since 2001, believes love doesn`t work without the physical side of things, reports

Asked which of the two things in his new album`s title, “Sex + Love” he can`t live without, he said: “That`s a tough one! Some couples would say that sex isn`t important but I tend to disagree with that. Sex is extremely important! Sex keeps you alive… but obviously without love… I think it`s a balance of both.

“I think too much sex can probably be bad, but just love by itself can be difficult – if you`re in a relationship that can be difficult to survive. I think you need both.”