Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Barack Obama may seek new war powers to fight Islamic State

The Congress is facing the possibility of first war vote in over a decade as President Barack Obama is likely to approach them seeking new war powers to fight Islamic State terror group.

Obama is drawing up a blueprint seeking the use of military force to fight the Islamist terror group.

The White House is in the process of drafting a proposal and the blueprint is likely to be sent to Capitol Hill by Tuesday.

The Islamic State militants currently have control over large areas of Iraq and Syria.

In 2002, President George W Bush had also approached the Congress seeking use of military forces in Iraq.

According to the news report, Obama is seeking the authorisation for merely three years so that it needs to be renewed by the next president. He is not in favour of prolonged presence of US troops on ground but is seeking authorization so that combat troops can be sent if needed.

The proposal would be restricted to fighting the militants of the Isalmic State or any such terror group in future.

The officials in Obama administration has reportedly held discussions with Democrats and Republican lawmakers in this concern.

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