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BJP will secure majority with ‘Dhoom2’ results: Prakash Javadekar

Prakash (2)Confident of a BJP victory, senior BJP leader and Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, Wednesday, said that the people of Maharashtra will vote for change in the state.

Javadekar said, “People are voting with tremendous enthusiasm. People are voting for good governance, people are voting to give a decisive mandate for the BJP.”

“Maharashtra will have a single party rule after many years. It’s a election where all are voting for change and they want good governance. People will dislodge those who have looted Maharashtra for the past 15 years,” he said.

Drawing analogy to popular Bollywood movies, he said, “If Lok Sabha polls were Dhoom, then it (assembly elections) is Dhoom2,” adding that Maharashtra will go with the rashtra (nation).

On Opposition’s attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for campaigning extensively in Maharashtra, Javadekar said, “It’s laughable when they say why Modi is conducting so many rallies, it’s like asking why Sachin Tendulkar is making runs. Modiji wakes up at 5 am, does all the work as the Prime Minister and then campaigns…he doesn’t wake up at 11 am.”

However, Javadekar sidestepped questions on the possibility of post poll alliances if the BJP was to fall short of majority. “This is prejudging…please wait till 12 noon on Oct 19; BJP will get majority,” he said.

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