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Body found at former minister Kumari Selja’s house

Former union minister Kumari Selja was at home when a man was found dead at her residence – the bungalow that was allotted to her when she was Minister for Women and Child Welfare in Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government.

The politician left for Parliament – she is a member of the Rajya Sabha – after the police arrived at her home.

42-year-old Sanjay Kumar was married to a domestic helper who works for the politician. The police said his injuries suggested he had struggled to resist an attack; nearly a dozen other helpers who work for Kumari Selja are being questioned, said sources.

“There are head injuries, and also injuries at other parts of the body. We are looking at all angles,” said Mukesh Meena, a senior officer handling the investigation.

Sanjay Kumar’s relatives say they were with him last night when he received a phone call from an official on Kumari Selja’s staff, asking him to return to the house to discuss plans for the politician and her entourage to vacate the bungalow.

Police sources say they suspect he was killed inside the MP’s house.

Because Kumari Selja is still a member of the Rajya Sabha, she has not yet been asked to vacate the home she was allotted as a minister. She could be asked to move soon to a smaller house that a parliamentarian is entitled to.

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