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‘Brain drain’ can become ‘brain gain’ for India: PM Modi in Silicon Valley

ModiPM Narendra Modi, 65, is the first Indian leader to visit the US West Coast in more than 30 years. On Day 2 of his Silicon Valley tour, PM Modi visited Facebook and Google Inc headquarters before addressing a mega event at the San Jose Convention Center that was attended by nearly 18,000 people.

Wooing the Indian diaspora in San Jose, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the expats have given India a new identity and made the country proud. “Your fingers created magic on the keyboard and the computer and this gave India a new identity. Your skill and commitment is wonderful,” the PM said at a jam-packed SAP Center in San Jose.

Pinpointing on the age-long discussions about ‘brain drain’ i.e. the emigration of the highly trained or qualified people from a particular country, Modi claimed that ‘brain drain’ is actually ‘brain deposit’. “No one thought the brain drain could also be converted into ‘brain gain’. We must reverse the ‘brain drain’ into ‘brain gain’,” he said to a highly enthused audience.

Well known for his habit of given acronyms, Modi yet again made an attempt to entice the crowd by playing with his words. “JAM is the mission of my government where J stands for Jan Dhan bank account, aims at involvement of all sections of people to play a role in the economy; A stands for Aadhar card, aims at preparing an identification base for every citizen of the country; M stands for Mobile governance,” he said.

Claiming that the outlook of the world towards India has changed, Modi said that people are now looking up to India for leadership. “The world saw us as fringe players now we are the focal point. People had been saying that 21st century is Asia’s century but in the past few days, they have started saying that 21st century is India’s century,” he asserted.

With over 15 months of being in power as the Prime Minister, Modi asked the Indian diaspora if they think that he has been successful. “I had assured you I will work round the clock for the well being of the people and I have not taken any break. I will live for India and die for it,” Modi assured the audience.

Modi also said that India has accepted the challenge against terrorism and global warming and appealed to the United Nations to define terrorism. “Terror and global warming are two pressing issues that the world is facing. We need to mitigate these two menaces. UN still hasn’t been able to define terrorism, if it will take so much time to define, how will we tackle it. There cannot be any compromise on terrorism,” he said adding that the world needs to recognise terrorism as a global threat.

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