Budget is for those already enjoying ‘Acche Din,’ says Akhilesh Yadav


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said the Union Budget has brought “Acche Din” (good days) for those who were already enjoying it.

“It remains a question when will ‘Acche Din’ come for those who are waiting for it eagerly. The Budget has brought ‘Acche Din’ only for those who were already enjoying it,” Mr. Yadav said.

The Chief Minister added that he had written a letter to all the MPs of the state for getting better facilities for Uttar Pradesh. “There are a lot of issues including that of national highways. I hope that they will raise the issues now that the Budget has come,” he said at an event in Lucknow.

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Meanwhile, Minister Shivpal Yadav alleged “step-motherly” treatment of the state in the hands of the Centre. Shivpal, the Pubilc Works Department Minister, said that the state had demanded Rs. 200 crore for the maintenance of national highways, however, only Rs. 14 crore was granted.

“Earlier people did not know which highways they were using. Now we have installed signboards on national highways so that people should know that despite paying for tolls they are not getting good roads”, he said.