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By-poll results a wake-up call for BJP

Elections in Maharashtra and Haryana are just a month or two away and some states will go for polls in this year or early next year. The Bhartiya Janata Party which had registered a thumping victory in the Lok Sabha election has failed to live up to people’s expectation. This is not my opinion but the results of by-polls are displaying the real picture.

The Bhartiya Janata Party stands exposed in the by-polls with the Modi-wave becoming ineffective. Improved performance of the Congress in MP, Karnataka and Bihar, is certainly not a good news for the Modi-led NDA regime.

BJP is going into election mood in Maharashtra and Haryana, but the party should avoid making tall promises in its manifesto which are difficult to fulfill. BJP has completed three months at the centre and most of the promises made by its leaders is yet to be fulfilled even though 100 days have passed. You can only fool voters once and they will not fall into your trap the next time. So, if you want to hoist your flags in these two states then please make only those promises which you can fulfill.

In Bihar, Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar’s reunion after 20 years seems to have worked as the secular alliance along with Congress has registered victory on six seats out the ten. BJP, which had won six out of the 10 seats in 2010, suffered a setback as it bagged just four seats.

Since Modi magic looks to be a failure in these by-polls, the ‘political pundits’ now have to make calculations afresh for the final assembly elections scheduled to be held next year in that state.

Don’t forget to give practical shape to the promises made during the election campaigning otherwise now continue to face results like this in other states also. Most of the Maharashtra leaders are doing politics from their air conditioned homes or offices, so my advice to them is please come out of such air-conditioned chambers and observe the streets and farms in the state. The political leaders have to remain in touch with the people of the constituencies at the grassroots-level.

Don’t treat the Dalits and minorities as a tool to win the elections as a vote bank. They should get proper respect in the society and at the political level also. You promised to bring down the inflation but when it comes for debate on the issue you escape. Please introspect yourself and then make a manifesto.

How BJP takes it, is only to be seen now. In case the BJP doesn’t introspect and fails to frame people-friendly policies, its future looks bleak. In fact, it is a first jolt to BJP after the appointment of Amit Shah, as the party’s national president. Shah now has to reconstruct his political and social set-up.

The BJP should not forget that only the traditional voters bring the party in power and they too adopted a revengeful attitude by joining the rival parties. The reason behind this are very simple- the policy of putting the things at rest after coming in power.

The glaring example is of extending the invitation to Nawaz Sharif for oath ceremony for which BJP has shown its resentment. Despite extending a friendly hand, the results are visible before us in the form of ceasefire violations at the border.

Frankly speaking, the happiness of land-mark victory of BJP in Lok Sabha elections has been converted into sorrows with the by-poll results. It is a ‘Danger Bell’ for the saffron party.

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