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CCTV shows woman tutor thrashing 3-year-old at Home

A three-year-old boy was assaulted in his home in Kolkata by a woman tutor. Security cameras installed in the apartment show the teacher, who is now missing, hitting the child repeatedly.

The tutor, dressed in a bright pink salwaar-kameez hits the boy, holds him upside down and throws him on the bed.

The child’s mother was at home; the tutor, identified as Puja Singh, had allegedly locked herself into a room with the boy. When the mother heard him screaming, she switched on the security cameras and saw him being hit.

The child’s parents say they hired the tutor a few days ago.

On being confronted, the tutor allegedly apologized and requested the family not to go to the police.

The family alleges that her husband later came and threatened them, which forced them to file a complaint.

This incident comes as Bangalore is witnessing daily protests over the rape of a six-year-old while at school. A skating instructor has been arrested for the horrific assault.

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