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Charity begins at home

We had taken an initiative to provide financial assistance to farmers affected by drought.  

As another year comes to a close we take pride in addressing ourselves as the parallel media which delivers unbiased news to readers. Year 2016 was tough for us as we had to overcome various challenges to sustain ourselves. However, we will continue to work hard and won’t compromise on the content of the tabloid and report about facts instead of sensationalising news. We already had taken an initiative to provide financial assistance to farmers affected by drought.  50 per cent of our profit is dedicated to Aadhar Charity Trust which supports the most vulnerable and weak of the society irrespective of their background. The trust provides free legal aid and assistance and also has rehabilitation. Our core competency lies in providing extensive and exclusive coverage to all spheres of information, which is made possible by our dynamic team, comprising of the right blend of youth and experience. We also want to connect with our readers and enable them to make informed choices. Our tabloid has got a well-deserved appreciation from the public for its commitment to professionalism, and it’s earnest to bring the ‘Truth’ to the people.

Here is what our readers have to say about our tabloid and the charity work done by us.

C.K. Subramaniam and Jayanthy Subramaniam said, “Thanks to the efforts taken by team of Afternoon Voice in general and the Editor Vaidehi Taman in particular we could witness that the farmer’s received the appropriate help at the right platform and that too on Maharashtra Day at the Police Gymkhana Ground. Madam made it clear that the get together is to honour the farmer’s widows with financial help and not to make it a gala show at a 5 star hotel in front of VVIPs.  It shows her character and the will to help out the families of the farmers in a fitting way and in front of a select audience. Farmers are in distressed state and left in the lurch and no one cares for their well-being even though agriculture is the backbone of this country. The number of suicide cases in the state of Maharashtra really gave her the insight to help them in an orderly manner and speak a few words about their sufferings. The villagers must have thanked madam from their heart as no one was worried about the hardships faced by them in the past.”

Jubel D’Cruz said, “Right from day one of its publication, ‘Afternoon Voice’ has been doing a wonderful job in every field. And the credit goes to this very young and talented editor, Vaidehi Taman who has managed to bring out this wonderful tabloid inspite of facing financial crisis. Letter writers and freelance journalists too are encouraged to write topics of their choice which are never edited but published word to word. Let’s hope this New Year brings in many more changes and the newspaper’s circulation may go up. From what I have heard, farmers who have been provided financial assistance by the trust are very happy since all their needs are being met.”

Mahendra Singh said, “Newsmakers offered financial assistance to drought affected families on 1st May 2016 and allowed recipients to express their gratitude. Group Editor Vaidehi Taman deserves applause for reaching out to distressed farmers. She also encouraged me, a marine chief engineer to write which I continue to enjoy. My sincere best wishes and regards for the tabloid.”

Vinod Chandrashekar Dixit said, “Afternoon Voice’ is the only newspaper from Mumbai that covers all aspects of the city and provides a full page to readers for expressing their opinion. Readers are served stimulating columns and features that are related to life. The voices and letters to the Editor section of Afternoon Voice is a prime forum for getting our message to a wide audience. The increased space for Letters to the Editor in AV is good. One finds that every letter published brings in a new dimension. Sharing an opinion in AV supports and expands on something already in the news, makes a point that was omitted, or disagrees with/corrects misinformation from a news story, editorial or another letter. For me ‘letters to the editor’ column in AV is the main medium of communication with readers and editors. Most readers write to AV because they share a sense of ownership.”

“Within a short of time AV has become a force to reckon and has earned a name for itself in the media industry. It is one tabloid newspaper that has stood the test of time and has maintained its identity covering Mumbai when all others took the “sensational” route. It shows that one need not to resort to so called populist news to sell news-paper. Value and integrity of AV is an enlightening example for whole news industry,” he added.

Akash Kumar said, “As Afternoon Voice’s mission statement reads, “To sustain and grow in the diverse industry whilst maintaining standards by leveraging with the upcoming trends” and Vision statement upholds “to enhance the broad horizons of paradigm and limits in the every sphere of the world and thus pertaining the community to a new level of growth and progressive milestones”, it’s apparent that this tabloid is here to keep “Unparalleled Journalism” alive. For me, this is not just a newspaper but a ‘platform for common citizens’ to voice their concerns. I just want to let you know — the moral and social obligations you fulfill, do not go unnoticed. Be it serving the poor strata of the society and rehabilitation programmes through ‘Aadhar Charity Trust’ or by offering much-needed financial assistance to our farmers, your efforts are praiseworthy.

“As deeds of giving are the very foundations of the world, this showcases your organization is a role-model and leader in our society. Buddha too said, “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Apart from that, I earnestly express gratitude towards NBC’s Group Editor Ms. Vaidehi Taman for her dedication and service,” he added.

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