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China a beneficiary of greater Indian role in Asia Pacific: US

Modi-and-Obama (2)The US has said China would be a beneficiary of a greater role played by India in the Asia Pacific region, rejecting outrightly the concerns expressed in the Communist nation about the growing Indo-US relationship.

“The fact of the matter is that, not only we (the United States), China is also a net beneficiary of a greater and a more active role for India in East Asia,” a senior State Department official said.

The official, who wished anonymity, noted that India has been an active participant in East Asia Summit and the advent of new government has brought in new energy and enthusiasm to the relationship.

“What may be different now that the focus and energy of the Modi government. We have seen steady progression since Prime Minister Modi took office from a Look East Policy to an Act East Policy,” the official said.

“The Act East Policy translates into practical steps by which, India as a great democracy with a lot to share with East Asian countries, particularly in South East Asia a number of societies are struggling to build democratic institutions, there is a growing role for bilateral India-US cooperation in that effort,” the official said.

US National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, is scheduled to unveil the national security strategy early tomorrow which is expected to reaffirm Obama’s commitment to the Asia pacific region.

“I suspect, you will hear from her more specifics about how that would materialise whether in terms of the visit or in terms of initiatives,” the official said.

Over the weekend, new Deputy Secretary Tony Blinken would travel to Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo on his maiden foreign trip.

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