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Chinese restaurant gives ‘heavy’ discount to obese men, thin women

Chinese-restaurantA Chinese restaurant is offering discount on food to men who are overweight and women who are underweight, it has been reported.

The Na Huo eatery in south-west China, has been trying to attract more customers with promotions based on their weight, the Mirror reported.

The restaurant weighs its customers before they eat, to see whether they are allowed to get free food or not.

As a male diner’s weight increases, so do the discounts, and if a man weighs more than 140 kg then he eats for free. But it’s the opposite for women, who only get their food bill covered if they weigh less than 34.5kg.

The restaurant’s website reads “Na Huo restaurant cares about fat people and thin people. Bring your fat or thin friends, eat for free.”

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