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Christmas Special appetite buster

Wanna celebrate Christmas on extravaganza food thought; here are few Christmas special recipes by Chef Rishi Kapoor from Hotel Marine Plaza. Definitely, these recipes will make your Christmas night special.


Ultimate Veggie Burger


Carrot chopped – 120gms

Cauliflower chopped – 120gms

Beans chopped – 120gms

Green peas – 120gms

Potato boiled– 120gm

Onion cut in ring shape– 20gms

Curry leaves – 8gms

Madras curry powder – 2gms

Bread crumb – 50 gms

Chili powder – 8gms

Oil – 200ml

Coleslaw – 50 gms

Tomato cut in ring shape – 160gms

Lettuce – 100gms

Cheese slice( 80gm per pcs) – 4 nos

Cucumber cut in ring shape – 20gms

French fries – 380gms

Salt to taste

Dipping sauce

Mint – 12gms

Mayonaisse – 120gms

Garlic – 4gms


  • Roast all the chopped vegetables i.e. carrot, cauliflower, beans, green peas in a pan with little oil along with all spices.
  • Then add all the roasted vegetables in a bowl. Add boiled mashed potatoes & bread crumb. Then make small patties out of the dough
  • Deep fry of shallow fry or grill the patties
  • Take a bun, toast it put lettuce, onion rings, tomato rings, cucumber rings. Then put the patties and then on top put cheese slice.
  • Burger is ready to eat, serve with choice of dip.

Peach Cranberry Twist

Peach Cranberry Twist1Ingredients:

  • Peach syrup – 30ml
  • Lime cordial – 10ml
  • Cranberry Juice – 80ml
  • Sugar Syrup – as per taste
  • Ice cubes – 6 nos


  • Take a glass fill it ice cubes then add peach syrup, lime cordial, Cranberry Juice & sugar syrup
  • Stir it well
  • Garnish it with orange slice

Blue Drizzle

Blue Drizzle1


  • Banana cubes – 4-5 nos
  • Melted Vanilla Ice cream – 100 ml
  • Blue Curacao – 20ml
  • Sugar Syrup – As per taste
  • Dash of Orange Juice
  • Ice cubes – 6 nos


  • Take a mixer/ blender add banana cubes, melted vanilla Ice cream, blue curacao ,sugar syrup & ice cubes. Blend it well

Pour it in a glass and

Lime Cream Brule

Lime Cream Brule1


Cooking Cream – 500gms

Sugar – 50gms

Eggs Yolks – 5 nos

Lime Juice – 5ml


  • In a pan heat cooking cream and sugar. Make it a paste.
  • Then take a bowl add eggs and the above paste mix it well. Then add the lime juice to it. Transfer the mixture in a mould.
  • Put the mould in double boiler and bake it for 45 mins.
  • Remove and allow it to come at room temperature. Add sugar cameral over it while serving.

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