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CIA torture report ‘full of crap’, Bush knew everything: Dick Cheney

Lambasting the US Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA torture techniques, former US Vice President Dick Cheney refuted the claim that there was an attempt to mislead the lawmakers or keep them in dark, asserting that the then President George W Bush “knew everything”.

Cheney’s remarks come just a day after a Democrat-led Senate panel unveiled a caustic report on CIA’s interrogation techniques, calling them “brutal and ineffective”.

Speaking in an interview to the Fox News, Cheney slammed the investigative report calling it “full of crap” and a “terrible piece of work”.

Though he confessed that he had not bothered to read the entire 500-page report summary, Cheney rubbished the claims that the CIA officials misled the politicians and the public about their programme.

“The notion that the committee is trying to peddle that somehow the agency was operating on a rogue basis and that that we weren’t being told – that the president wasn’t being told – is a flat-out lie,” Cheny told “Special Report with Bret Baier”.

Cheney also defended the brutal EITs (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques) including waterboarding and rectal hydration used on terror suspects detained in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks, saying that the methods were pre-tested and that they yielded results.

“What are you prepared to do to get the truth against future attacks against the United States?” Cheney said.

The CIA too appeared to fight back the claims made in the Senate Intelligence Committee report, saying that the intelligence gained from those methods were “critical to our understanding of al Qa’ida and continues to inform our counterterrorism efforts to this day”.

“Our review indicates that interrogations of detainees on whom EITs were used did produce intelligence that helped thwart attack plans, capture terrorists, and save lives,” the CIA reasoned.

Though the CIA admitted having “made mistakes”, they refused to accept the report’s inference that the Agency “systematically and intentionally misled each of these audiences on the effectiveness of the program”.

The Senate report has alleged that CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” had failed to secure any crucial information that was necessary to foil any threat.

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