Thursday, July 29, 2021
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City doctors on the dock

In the third such attack in a week, a resident doctor at Sion Hospital was allegedly assaulted by the relatives of a patient who died a few hours after being admitted. This is a serious offence as doctors are doing yeomen service day and night and work for the cause of saving dying patients.  And there is no remorse for the attending doctor when the patient is almost brought dead after a serious ailment. Generally, these patients are brought to the Sion Hospital in serious condition and other hospitals do not admit patients with a life threatening disease.  Having attended the patient with kidney ailment, it is not fair to attack the doctor under the pretext of sub-standard treatment. The Sion hospital is equipped with all the equipments to save a patient. But it is not under the control of doctor and unfair to assault him to vent one’s anger. Such incidents have been happening repeatedly and it is time to have a foolproof system to stop unreasonable attacks in future.

Calicut Krishnan 

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