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Class X boy chases armed thief, saves goods worth Rs. 8.5 lakh

A class X student from Bhopal on Sunday evening not only showed exemplary courage to counter armed thief but also forced him to leave behind stolen goods worth around Rs 8.5 lakh and flee.

Sandip Richharia (42) who resides in Lalghati’s Rameshwaram apartment had gone out of Bhopal for some work. His father BD Richharia, who also stays with him, went out to the market on Sunday evening.

While leaving, he saw a boy talking on the mobile phone outside the house gate. When the elderly man returned home after a while, he saw the same boy coming out of his house with two bags in his hand. The thief pushed him aside but Richharia raised an alarm. His son-in-law Ajay Tiwari’s son Anhad, who also lives in the same building, heard his voice.

The class Xth student did not waste much time and chased the thief while also calling out for help.

As the thief approached Nayapura area, he took out a knife and tried to intimidate Anhad. However by that time, more boys from Anhad’s locality had reached the spot and all of them surrounded the thief. The thief kept brandishing the knife and ran away leaving the two bags he had stolen.

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