Comfortable to play painful characters: Selena Gomez


Selena-Gomez-Spring-Breakers01Singer-actress Selena Gomez has revealed that she loves to play dark characters onscreen.

The 21-year-old old former Disney star, who will be next seen in `Rudderless`, said it is not hard for her to go those dark places, reported E! online.

In `Rudderless`, a father discovers his deceased son`s demo tapes and lyrics. He forms a band to play the music to help him heal. Gomez play`s the son`s girlfriend.

“It`s pretty dark. She`s in a lot of pain. She`s angry. I find myself comfortable in that stuff?I don`t know what that says about me. It`s a good contrast to what I am all the time and being on tour and all that life,” she said.

The actress shot her work in just eight days.

“I was about to go on tour. I get anxiety when I know I`m going to be off a set for a while so I rushed there.”