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Couple to have sex in space for the first time; PornHub to sponsor trip  

The biggest pornograpy site on the Internet, ‘PornHub’, is all set to make the world’s first porn film in Space!

The site hopes to launch the mission and shoot Sexplorations in 2016, covering the pre- and post-production costs itself but seeking USD 3.4 million from IndieGogo crowdfunders.

The biological, emotional and physical issues of astronauts leaving the Earth for several years had led to a discussion in 2006, where speakers from NASA had deliberated upon the topic of sex in space.

Though it is physically possible to have intercourse in micro-gravity, and procreation is key to any potential colonisation of satellites or other planets, people have believed astronauts to be engrossed in more important things for which they are there in the first place.

The site is offering a tiered reward system for funders, with those donating large amounts getting to map out entire scenes, including the positions and script.

Porn actors Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins have been lined up to star in Sexplorations, and will receive “six months of rigorous training” prior to launch.

With the cost of simple space missions dropping, the prospect of going to space is slowly becoming a reality for non-astronauts. There are numerous commercial space flight programs already in the testing stages, and PR stunts like this are only set to grow.

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