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Crispy Crackers for the Monsoon

Moroccan Chermoula Crackers


2 tsps chermoula paste (a morrocon mix of herbs, lime, pickled lemons and garlic)
350 gms white flour
¼ tsp baking powder
50 ml olive oil
100 ml ice cold water
2 tsp fresh parsley, finely chopped


1. Sift the baking powder with the white flour and parsley.2. In another bowl, mix the cold water and the oil. Add to the flour mixture in a steady stream, and knead lightly till it forms a tight dough.

3. Mix in the chermoula paste and knead till incorporated. Do not over knead, as it will result in hard and dense crackers.
4. Keep refrigerated overnight.
5. Roll the dough out to a height of 1mm, use a sharp knife and cut squares. Bake at 200 degree celcius for 8 minutes, till sides are brown.


1. Make sure to not use too much water in your dough. It needs to be stiff, so that the crackers dry out well and turn out crispy.

2. The dough needs to be rolled out as thin as possible. The thinner they are, the better it is.
3. When you add the flavouring to the dough, taste the dough, and if it’s just perfect, add about 15% more, as the flavour reduces after baking.

While this one is going to turn out delicious, there are other healthy savoury alternatives like multigrain crackers, sesame multigrain crackers and green chilli and oregano crackers that are available at Icing on Top, Mumbai which has launched a special monsoon hamper which will have other exciting products too.

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