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Did you know cinnamon-honey paste can help you get rid of pesky pimples

Just as you are getting ready for a party or a date, you see a pimple on your forehead and a couple on your cheek as well. After cursing it for few minutes and trying to pop a pimple (which is not a good idea), you don’t have an option but to cancel your plan. Sounds familiar? Fret not, the next time you spot a pimple, all you need to do is apply this simple and effective homemade paste of cinnamon and honey to get rid of a pimple naturally.

A common flavouring agent used in food, cinnamon contains cinnamic acid, an essential oil and cinnamaldehyde, an active ingredient, which acts as a potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent. As pimples are often caused due to an infection in the skin pores, cinnamon when combined with the antibacterial properties of honey works as an effective natural remedy for cleaning the pores. Also, the moisturising property od honey prevents bacterial growth on skin. Also, read about expert tips to avoid pimples.

How to make the paste?