Don’t have any rivals: Stevie Nicks’ advice to Katy Perry


sexy-katy-perry-03Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks has shared some advices with her recent friend Katy Perry on who to befriend and how not to make rivals in the industry.

65-year-old Nicks told Perry to consider her peers as her friends rather than enemies, reported a leading international website.

The Veteran singer asked Perry if she had rivals to which Perry replied, “Well, it`s not us. It`s the Internet”, referring to the passionate fans who are quick to start up feuds between their favourite artists.

“I said to her, `Katy, let me tell you something. You don`t have any rivals. So forget that. Never say that word again. You don`t have rivals. All of those girls? Friends. You`ll probably work with all of them at some point. Friends,`” Nicks said.

Nicks recently surprised Perry at a Fleetwood Mac concert in Las Vegas on 30 December, when she dedicated her hit song `Landslide` to the singer and her beau John Mayer, who were in the audience.

Nicks first met Perry in London in 2011.