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Don’t think I can leave southern film world: Regina Cassandra


Tamil-Telugu film actress Regina Cassandra, who will be making her Hindi movie debut with “Aankhen 2”, says she will try to balance her career as she can’t think of leaving the southern industry for Bollywood.

“I will definitely make time for both. I don’t think I can leave the south industry for good… It’s where I’m from. My roots are in the south. I might branch out into different places, but I’ll always have my roots here,” Regina said in an interview.

Regina was dazzled by the Bollywood stars at the muhurat of “Aankhen 2”.

“It was an unforgettable experience. Being present among some of the stalwarts of the Hindi film industry isn’t something we all get to be a part of everyday. I’m looking forward to my journey in Bollywood,” she added.

Why did she choose Anees Bazmee’s “Aankhen 2” as her Bollywood debut?

“Well, sometimes you don’t choose.Your destiny has already been chosen for you. I did get a few offers in Hindi cinema before. Somehow it didn’t feel right. Maybe the time was not right or maybe it was just me. I wasn’t ready.

“‘Aankhen 2′ happened very organically. I was asked to come meet the team in Mumbai and in a days’ time, things were sorted. You can say it just happened, much to my surprise,” she said.

Why did she wait this long to make her Bollywood debut?

“I wasn’t waiting for anything.I was always interested in acting. Be it theatre or ads. Acting is something I respect and take great pride in. I didn’t think I’d make a foray in Telugu itself… So Bollywood wasn’t something I was dreaming about as well.”

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