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Emotional Atyachar just for Party, Power and Politics

Playing with the emotions of the voters is not a new aspect in Indian politics. Whenever elections come, every party and its wannabe representative start playing emotional games to get the ticket.
Parties play caste politics and representative plays seniority and supportive politics. The one who suffers on account of all this is common voters. We exercise our franchisee by voting for ‘our’ candidates. The ‘our’ candidates might be from our caste, religion, areas, states, etc.

India was declared as “Sovereign Democratic Republic” during its birth time. Simple meaning of democracy is rule ‘by the people, of the people and for the people’; this is governed by People’s Representatives in the party-based system of majority.

And thus Vote of citizens for electing representatives is the most important and crucial part in democracy. Prior to that one more step exists i.e. selection of candidates by parties who will contest election. In Indian Democracy all the manipulations start from the first stage- selection of candidates.

The common scene in our country is: People struggle against corrupt governments, unruly systems throughout the years of reigns of different parties; they demonstrate against governments’ policies, actions even people suffer the hardships of life, never-ending poverty, inflation, black-marketing, bribing scandals, violence on women, suppression of weak and un-organized workers that they see every day how political leaders, Ministers, MLA/MP s are insensitive, apathetic and busy promoting their selfish interests!

So people promise to vote for change and vote for the right candidate in next election, so that country gets good governance and paving way for its progress.

All political parties know this public demands, but instead of changing their corrupt way of functioning and bring eligible good candidates to party, and at least begin an effort to deliver public demands, they indulge in emotional blackmailing of people.

It is a fact that in our country people are emotional about their own lot – own region, own caste, own tribe, own religion etc identities; taking opportunity of this emotional weakness of people, political parties cut the election process to pieces and turn the election as an factionalism. For example, where the Yadav communities are dominant they will field a ‘Yadav’ candidate.

Likewise a Brahmin, a Muslim, a minority, a man of the same language etc are deployed to appeal to the emotional weakness of people and make them believe that the vote is for satisfying their small need of supporting a candidate of same caste/religion/region and not for the greater need of electing a right candidate who will be the real representative of people.

That day I was seeing an advertisement ‘apne taraf ki hain na’. Its true, we always favour ‘apne taraf ke log’, whether he is right candidate or not. And this give chance to these parties to do emotional atyachar on us.

Even parties take help of star performers in films, sports, arts and music- fans run to vote for them forgetting what will this star contribute for running a government!

We, Indians are nevertheless true to say, emotional by nature and political parties take huge advantage of this and make people ‘ullu banaying’ in a great way. People forget their promise of voting for a right candidate and fall in the trap of parties and make the mistake once again. After a new government is formed with this odd choices people again go into a protest mode!

This emotional atyachar has been happening since last six decades and people are misled. When this saga will end? When political parties will nominate worthy candidates and people choose their right representative is what the country has been waiting for.

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