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Every girl needs to be a ‘sherni’: Hard Kaur


Indo-British rapper Taran Kaur Dhillon, popularly known as Hard Kaur, says that every girl needs to be a “sherni” (lioness) and fight for her rights.

Kaur, who is touted as India’s first female rapper, recently released her new single “Sherni” on Future Records India. A proponent of female empowerment, Kaur says that women don’t need to get weak in any sphere of life.

“Every girl needs to be a ‘sherni’ and should not let others tell her what to do. They don’t need to get weak. In any kind of profession…doesn’t matter if you work in a bank or if you are a road sweeper, you need to fight (for your rights),” said Kaur.

“Even men need to be like ‘shers’ (lions) and respect women. It is not just their own sister and mother who matter,” she added.

Although work on “Sherni” began four years ago, the track only saw the light of day recently. Asked if this was the right time to release the song, Kaur said: “I wrote it and then the Nirbhaya case (December, 2012) came. People asked me to release it then. I couldn’t believe it”.

“It is 2016 and I am still opening my Facebook and reading cases of molestation. I feel sorry for girls… It is so unnecessary,” she added.

Kaur is busy promoting her new single on social media and doing “as much as I can”.

“I got a two million reach on Facebook. All I am doing now is public relations,” she added.

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