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‘Extremely violent technique used against Indian grandfather in US’

A former American police officer used an “extremely violent technique” against an Indian grandfather that left him partially paralysed early this year, a key police training official has told a US federal jury.

Testifying before a federal grand jury in Huntsville, Kenny Sanders, a sheriff’s department captain who oversees the state’s police training curriculum, said the conduct of former police officer Eric Parker “was not consistent with prevailing police standards” against 58-year-old Sureshbhai Patel, who is now recovering from the assault.

While on a walk, Parker stopped Patel, who did not knew English. When Patel did not respond, Parker hit him so hard on the ground that he was left partially paralysed.

The retrial of Parker, charged with violating Patel’s civil rights following an encounter in a Madison neighbourhood off County Line Road on February 6, began this week.

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