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FBI’s most wanted cybercriminal arrested in Pakistan

To combat the menace of cybercrime, Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cyber crime wing of Karachi nabbed high profile and one of the most wanted cyber criminals, Noor Aziz and Farhan Arshad.

A senior official with Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency, Mir Mazhar Jabbar said that their team had arrested Noor Aziz and Farhan Arshad from the northern part Karachi, the country’s largest city and commerical hub. Both men were wanted for cyber crimes by Interpol and the FBI for defrauding several companies and individuals of over $50 million.

The FIA team also arrested three others who are all part of the same extended family, Jabbar said.

The FBI on its website said that Arshad and Uddin were wanted for their alleged involvement in an international communication scheme and hacking venture that defrauded individuals, telecom companies and government entities in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

They cost their targets more than $50 million.

Arshad and Uddin gained access to business telephones systems and used the systems to place long distance telephone calls to premium rate numbers as part of a scheme known as international revenue share fraud, according to the US agency.

“Arshad and Uddin are part of an international criminal ring that the FBI believes extends into Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, Italy, Malaysia and other locations,” the FBI said in late 2013.

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